Siemens SMD 21300 D


Siemens SMD 21300 D

      Siemens SMD 21300 D Gray Scale Flat Panel Display

  • Continuous backlight control for excellent luminaance stability over time
  • CIE/DICOM compliant gray scale response built into the display.
  • Connector for DIN compliant spot meter
  • Completely digital design
  • Internal silent power supply

Siemens SMD 21300 D 3 MPixel gray scale flat panel displays meets the demanding requirements of Medical Imaging with the advantages of digital flat panel technology. The display features high contrast and high gray level reproduction fidelity and stability.

The gamma curve is exactly matched to CIE/DICOM recommendation.

Light output stability is ensured by controlled backlight throughout the whole lifetime.

Eizo has acquired the Siemensís medical monitor business, Eizo SMD 21300 D.



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